Sacred Journey in Yoga, Traditional Tantra & Bhajans with Radasi

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November 19, 2015
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Sacred Journey in Yoga, Traditional Tantra & Bhajans with Radasi

Beloveds, we are so happy to have Radasi with us in Mauritius for an inspiring Sacred Journey in Yoga, Traditional Tantra, Male-Female Polarities and Way of the Heart. The Workshop will be held at YOGA HOUSE behind Domaine de Labourdonnais (pepiniere road) in Mapou, North Mauritius.
We encourage everyone to join us for this unique beautiful moment of togetherness.
Earlybird Registration is now open !

The Program

Saturday 30th April 2016

  • 09:00
    Yoga and Pranayama
    Studying both the physical and energetic subtle bodies
  • 10:30
    Tea Break
  • 11:00
    Living our Truth/ Yoga of the daily life
    Why a spiritual path? How can Yoga support our daily life?
  • 12:30
  • 14:00
    Talk on Chakras and Tantra
    Let’s look at the bigger picture of what Tantra is :)
  • 16:30
    Sacred Dance Journey
    Kundalini and Dancing through the chakras
  • 18:00
    Fire Ceremony with Bhajans
    A devotional and potent fire ritual based on the Vedic and Tantric system

Sunday 1st May 2016

  • 09:00
    Yoga and Pranayama
    Exploring Yoga and breath through the Heart
  • 10:30
    Tea Break
  • 11:00
    Introduction to Hridaya as a Meditation
    The essence of who we truly are can be experienced more intimately in the Heart
  • 12:30
  • 14:00
    Conscious relationships in Sexuality & Spirituality
    Discover principle and tools to enter into more conscious loving relationships
  • 16:00
    Shiva Shakti Meditation
    An inspiring meditation with both men and women to reveal and acknowledge our inner beauty
  • 18:00
    Mantras & Bhajans
    Celebrating with sacred sound and chants


is a dedicated and authentic practitioner and teacher of Yoga, Traditional Tantra and Sacred dance journeys. She has a background as a trained therapist in counselling and psychotherapy and has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years, she has travelled and taught extensively for over 13 years and has consistently accrued over 2200 hours in training.

During 10 years of living primarily in a Yogic community in Asia she deepened her existing knowledge and experience of Hatha yoga with the esoteric wisdom of Tantra & Kundalini; integrating these teachings in her Yoga classes, intimate relationships and sacred dance practices.

During this period she also explored deeply the teachings of Advaita Vedanta & the Path of the Heart, where she participated in countless 10 day silent retreats and eventually participated on the first Hridaya Yoga & Meditation teacher training. This experience further enhanced and deepened her existing teaching style to be able to guide students to rest in their essence of pure being.

Radasi now continues her own spiritual development in India in the form of pilgrimages, sadhana and karma Yoga with her Tantric master Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar. She also participates in satsang, silent retreats and workshops in self inquiry with Prem Baba, a Vedic and shamanic heart centred Guru from Brazil. She values the combination of Tantra and a heart centred practice to keep a fundamental balance and harmonious approach in the activation of Kundalini and the awakening of consciousness.

After co-creating and teaching Women’s Yoga teacher trainings under the school Yogini Devi, she then founded Satya Loka to offer a school of Yoga and Tantra for both men and women, understanding the fundamental essence of Yoga being to unite both polarities, internally and externally, the ultimate path of Union.

Radasi travels to India, South East Asia, Russia and Europe to offer traditional and ancient practices of India, which include the use of Mantra, creating live Yantras and Fire Yagna: she conducts these ceremonies under the guidance of her Guru. The style of Yoga she teaches carries the wisdom of the energetic teachings of Kundalini Yoga, and the Yogini Tantrika sacred dance journeys and Yoga teacher training courses empower women to embrace their femininity in a way that consciously empowers the masculine. She is deeply passionate about teaching the art of sacred relationships and sexuality to both men and women.

  Additionally to teaching adults, Radasi has taught children’s yoga to children and to teachers in a vision to support the conscious development of our next generation. She has taught in schools in India and Thailand and taught a dedicated group of children from Thailand for over 3 years. She has a natural empathic rapport with children.

Radasi has a deep passion for creating sacred space, devotional rituals, singing bhajans, drinking tea and going silently in the nature, finding solitude, peace and inspiration from the Earth’s natural wonder.

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Workshop Venue

Pepiniere Road behind DOMAINE de LABOURDONNAIS, Mapou.

Workshop Fees

FULL Workshop (Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May) :
Earlybird Rs 4500 (Rs 5500 after 16th April)

SATURDAY 30th April ONLY: Earlybird Rs 2500 (Rs 3000 after 16th April)

SUNDAY 1st May ONLY: Earlybird Rs 2500 (Rs 3000 after 16th April)