Wellness Festival Mauritius

is a celebration of well-being and conscious living trough a variety classes of yoga, meditation, chanting, music concerts, dance, massage therapies and other wellness practices. It serves as an inspiring, healthy and positive gathering with more than +200 participants.

Wellness Festival Mauritius

attendees are some of the most motivated, passionate, socially minded, affluent,
and forward-thinking people in our local community.
Reach them, and they in turn will most certainly influence others.
The festival features amazing teachers, therapists and artists,
from our local list of talents as well as internationally recognized professionals.
We aim to bring awareness to the offerings of wellbeing we have in Mauritius,
as well as bring inspiration from abroad to inspire and move us forward.

It is said

God created Mauritius...and then paradise

Some Loving Feedback from Participants

  • Deepika --- This has been a beautiful weekend. So much of positiveness, love, good vibes all the time. The diversity of all the sessions held enriched our experience.. Daphne & Istvan music were the cherry on the cake. Much much gratitude to everyone who brought this to us.
  • Tammy --- It was my first experience , and I had such a lovely time , I truly feel enlightened. I particularly enjoyed the dancing with Veronique and the singing with Daphne. The concert was just mesmerizing . Thank you Bhavnath and Trine. I had a truly blessed time.