I am a Lightworker and positive intuitive coach. My journey of self-inquiry and life experiences has allowed me to accompany, heal and feel souls on their way to finding peace, love and happiness. I am passionate about understanding and listening to subtle frequencies which encompass all aspects of our beings.

I gave birth to 5 angels, one of which was born with a macrocephaly which brought me on this humbling journey of connecting to the body’s intelligence.
As a Craniosacral Therapist, Janzu Water Therapist, Spiritual Mentor and Holistic Healer, I am here to help you release any stress in your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body and also as a space-holder to guide you through your own journey in life.

I believe that when we transform the way we relate to your body, we can liberate the innate wisdom in our cells and fill our lives with more enjoyment, energy and ease.

Come and explore your joy, freedom, peace & let go of all limiting beliefs