My name is Jean Meunier, I am 36 years of age, born and bred in Mauritius. In 2002 I went to Australia where I spent 13 years of my life there.

I had smooth spiritual awakening early 2011 where I was called start my profound holistic path.

My dance history all started, a few years ago when I first went to this weekly body movement session where I started a deep self -discovery of my being. It brought me an inner freedom, self-compassion during many challenging moments, self acceptance, becoming pure self love within my being.

I am also a natural healer. I practiced a hands on healing modality called 13th Octave Lahochi. It is a powerful energy that i channeled and transfer to the healee.

I am also a Language of Lights practioner where the energies helps to repairs the DNA.

I am a emotional life coach. I help guide patient to move old emotions transforming it to a healthy emotions.